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Thursday, 28th November 2019;
Mombasa Campus nominated seven (7) students & three (3) lecturers to represent Kenyatta University at the KIPPRA Mentorship Program for Universities (KMPU) workshop which was hosted at the Technical University of Mombasa.

The objective of the workshop was to;
1. Enlighten the University Community on public policy the government is implementing in pursuit of the development agenda.
2. Provide an information resource for students seeking career experience in public policy research and analysis.
3. Nurture mentorship to strengthen skills of students aspiring to build a career in public policy process.
4. Provide a platform to discuss emerging policy issues that have the potential to shape research and analysis activity.
5. Share with the University Community on governance aspects that influence the way we engage in building the economy, including the national values.

group photo students & staff representing KU Msa Campus at the workshop

Group photo - Students & Staff representing KU Msa Campus at the workshop

student-lecturer congregation @ KIPPRA workshop

Student - Lecturer Congregation at KIPPRA workshop