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Ku Children’s Hospital

The Concept is derived from Healing in Children derived from Light and Happiness Children are most happy when they are at Play. Play is incorporated through different shapes, colors and materials in the building design. Imagery of toys like the rubiks cube and building blocks are used. Nature and Light are a key element of healing. Well designed hospitals incorporate natural light, greenery and landscaping throughout.


The Development of the design is based on the 2 core designing components of Play and Nature. To mimic the playfulness of Children the design uses different shapes in plan and 3-d and colors. Additionally the rubiks cube is used to represent the playfulness of children's movement and this is translated into plan, with a center point, and wings that rivet or ‘spin around this in plan. In the translation of Nature and Materials, Landscaping is a key element of the proposal incorporating healing gardens. Children learn through the five sensory elements including touch, and this is represented in the variety of proposed materials in the design. KU CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL

Central Lobby
central loby
  Main Entrance
main entrance 
Patient Rooms
  Play Areas
  Waiting Room
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